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Rural youth in action: empowerment for civic activism

Rural youth in action: empowerment for civic activism

The lack of civic engagement and participation in rural areas of Moldova is a fundamental development issue, which needs to be addressed systemically and with no delay.

Civic apathy and indifference accentuates the deep socio-economic crisis of Moldova’s rural regions. This inevitably leads to such problems as unaccountability of local authorities, corruption, social injustice, and implicitly low quality of life.

“Rural youth in action: empowerment for civic activism” is a project that intends to give hope, especially to different young people that still believe in the idea that things can be changed in Moldova. In this sense, the project focuses at growing democratic civic activism and participation among young people in Moldovan rural communities of Moldova.

The project continues IRI’s work of supporting and empowering various groups residing in rural areas of Moldova, so that they become voices of their communities and start acting as agents of change. The project makes it possible for 6 more rural communities all over Moldova with different minority background (ethnic, language, religious) to benefit of IRI’s community empowerment services.

The project activities will lead to a better implementation of Moldova’s National Strategy for Developing the Youth Sector 2014-2020 on the very local level and will grow a demand for adopting and implementing local action plans for developing the youth sector all over Moldova (currently in spite of legal bindings most local public authorities do not have local action plans for developing the youth sector).

IRI is open for partnerships and hopes that the project will be motivating stakeholders to take attitude and improve the climate of civic engagement among Moldovan youth in rural areas.

This project is implemented by IRI and its local partners with the support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

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