Who we are?

iRi is a non-governmental, non-profit and public interest organization that promotes socio-economic initiatives in rural communities from Moldova. iRi will continue the mission of Ograda Noastra NGO to facilitate processes of development in disadvantaged communities through qualitative education, civic activism and public participation and social inclusion, but will also work on new objectives and initiatives such as: promoting a spirit of socio-economic development in rural areas, improving the quality of governance in villages, popularizing academic and professional mobility.

iRi work will seek to produce an “awakening” in rural areas while empowering local communities to become active and responsible citizens while achieving their potential and aspirations for a better, fairer and more prosperous society.

iRi is not politically affiliated. iRi expresses its views independently and works in the spirit of democratic values, dialogue and cooperation in the interest of the citizen.

Our mission

Alarmed by the general level of underdevelopment and isolation of rural communities from the Republic of Moldova and the concerning gap in development dynamics between urban and rural areas, the mission of iRi is to facilitate initiatives that generate or facilitate development processes in disadvantaged/marginalized communities from the Republic of Moldova.

General directions

Main activity directions of iRi are activities and policies that:

  • facilitate social and economic initiatives in rural areas of Moldova;
  • promote a spirit of social cohesion and inclusion;
  • improve the quality of education in rural areas;
  • improve responsible governance in villages and small towns of Moldova;
  • stimulate a spirit of participation and civic activism benefitting the community;
  • promote the concept of academic and professional mobility in rural areas.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives is open for cooperation with any social actor or institution interested in growing social and economic initiatives in rural communities from the Republic of Moldova.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us via email office@iri.md or you might choose to send us a message online using our contact form.