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Ethnicity Festival: a moment that unites through diversity

Ethnicity Festival: a moment that unites through diversity

For the 5th year in a row, the Institute for Rural Initiatives attends the XIV Ethnical Festival in Cahul. The event was held in Cahul Hore square and has gathered together representatives of Romani, German, Russo-slavon, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian and Jewish ethnicities, each ethnic group has presented an artistic performance, exhibition and a specific traditional meal.

Moldovan society is quite diverse, but the true purpose of this celebration is to bring together, in one place, different ethnicities from Cahul rayon in order to emphasize friendship, mutual understanding, respect and joy.

Being always interested and actively supportive of diversity and harmonious social inclusion of national minorities in society, the Institute for Rural Initiatives has helped to organize the event along with the organizing team. This year, our hearts were filled with traditional Roma songs and dances performed by Roma ensemble “Catuna”, which warmed up the ambiance and spread out smiles full of emotion to guests present at the celebration. This surprise became possible due to the support of local partners. Furthermore, the event was considered an appropriate time to promote a positive image of Roma people and their active involvement in society.

At the end of the event representatives of the Local Government came to address gratitude for the partners of the event, as well as congratulations and honor diplomas for participation in the festival.

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