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Minority Empowerment in Moldova – MEM PLUS

Minority Empowerment in Moldova – MEM PLUS

Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova (iRi) in partnership with Great Lakes Community Action Partnership, with financial support of U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, implements the “Minority Empowerment in Moldova – MEM PLUS”. This project will run 2 years and will be implemented in 30 communities from different regions of the country.

The project aims at socio-economic empowerment of partner communities by strengthening the capacities of different ethnic groups and creating opportunities for dialogue and civic interaction.

The project represents a logical continuation of the Minority Empowerment in Moldova – an initiative that trained 22 local initiative groups in the field of community organization and democratic public participation during 2014-2018. “Minority Empowerment in Moldova – MEM PLUS” aims to continue achieving these goals, applying the experience gained in the first phases of the project while offering space and expertise for study, interaction, but also for the practical solution for issues of common interest in different communities.

As a result of project activities, both the majority population, as well as the minority shall get closer to talk to each other, to work together, and to mitigate the negative social tensions caused by negative prejudices or stereotypes.

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