“Be involved,” decided 22 initiative groups from Moldova

“Be involved,” decided 22 initiative groups from Moldova

“Be involved, NOT passive” is the common awareness statement of 22 civic initiative groups from 22 communities (7 districts) from all over Moldova. By being a part of this campaign, over 300 people decided to stop the apathy and lack of civic involvement in their communities.

After a long 3-year process of continuous training in civic participation, community mobilization and fundraising, 22 communities from Moldova inhabited by compact or mixed ethnic groups moved forward to real actions by launching the second edition of the “We act because we care” campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to unite and mobilize communities and all stakeholders around a common issue to be solved.

Our 22 LIGA groups benefited from the mini-grants of 16,000 lei/MDL (800$) within the project. Most of the time the mini-grants had a ‘magnetic’ effect attracting other funds from the LPA and the business community. In some cases, the extra-collected funds far exceeded the initial value of the grants. For example, the amount of local contribution in Cazaclia, TAU Gagauzia, is estimated at over 160,000 lei/MDL; in Carpineni, Hincesti – over 50,000 lei/MDL; Gaidar, TAU Gagauzia – over 120,000 lei/MDL; Ursoaia, Cahul – over 24,000 lei/MDL. These are just a few examples of civic mobilization and involvement in the “We act because we care” campaign.

“We have dreamed for a functional and well equipped sports field for a long time. Being a part of this initiative helps our dream to come true. We are really glad to be part of the local initiative group, and we are actively involved in all the work that needs to be done,” said Avenir Chiolac, resident of Cairaclia, Taraclia.

“We are proud of our initiative groups. They have grown enormously in recent years and developed a strong constructive relationship with LPAs, as well as with regional authorities, who see LIGA members as a strong community pillar and trustworthy partner,” said Elena Turcan, project coordinator iRi.

The campaign will run until October, 2017. iRi invites all stakeholders to take up this experience and launch similar initiatives on their own all over Moldova.

The event is organized within the “Minority Empowerment in Moldova II” project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova, funded by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in partnership with WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc.