Regional Peer-to-Peer event for the central region of Moldova

Regional Peer-to-Peer event for the central region of Moldova

The Institute for Rural Initiatives has successfully completed the 3rd regional Peer-to-Peer event. After we held discussions with civil society representatives in the northern region of the country, in the town of Balti, and with people actively involved in life of their communities from the south region, in the town of Comrat, we also met in Chisinau with various stakeholders from the central region of Moldova.

The aim of the Peer-to-Peer event was to present examples of success and progress in the process of empowering and developing community participation in rural ethnic communities in the central region of the Republic of Moldova.

The event provided a platform for discussion and dissemination of positive practices and challenges, where various civic activists and public authorities had a chance to share their success stories, lesson learned, impressions and ideas.

The event was attended by representatives of the civil society, LPA, people interested in civic activism, regional development and participation. Among 32 participants, at the event there were representatives of the Embassy of Bulgaria and the Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova, mayors, local councilors, young activists, members of local initiative groups and mass media.

“No NGOs from Moldova work with so many ethnic communities from Moldova and has achieved such grandiose results. Until 2014, I was working alone in this field, struggling day by day. Now that iRi managed to organize and support 22 local initiative groups, we are a team who gets amazing work done,” mentioned Valeriu Caldararu, community mediator from Mingir, Hincesti.

“By getting involved and becoming active members of the local initiative group, residents found themselves as useful members of their communities, all their contribution matters and brings the change they want to see in their homes,” said Tatiana Costev, director of programs, iRi.

Three Peer-to-Peer events organized within the frame of the project brought together over 100 people interested in changing Moldova through civic activism and a high quality public participation.

Kajo Zboril, an international trainer from Slovakia, was a special guest of the event and contributed with his wide expertise in strategic planning and community organizing and development fields.

iRi will continue to facilitate the further development of civic empowerment processes for citizens of Moldova especially from rural areas.

The event is organized within the “Minority Empowerment in Moldova II” project implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova, funded by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in partnership with WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc.