The first results of Economic Empowerment of rural communities in Moldova

The first results of Economic Empowerment of rural communities in Moldova

The initiative group from Zirnesti, Cahul district created a local Community Workshop to promote the social partnership and the local resources for investments, and to improve the social services at local level.

The activities carried out within the Community Workshop are part of the Community Empowerment Strategy (CES) for the years 2020–2025, developed by the local initiative group from Zirnesti. The community empowerment strategy includes four development areas: Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Volunteering. One of the activities organized within the Community Workshop is providing sewing services.

“We did not have any sewing service in the community, and the local citizens had to go to Cahul town to repair or sew a garment, bearing financial expenses and time for travelling. Now we have these services here, in our community, at a great price and good quality.” – Ecaterina Stinga, a resident of Zirnesti, Cahul district.

In addition to sewing services, in the Community Workshop there will be organized tailoring courses for those who want to practice tailoring in the future or simply have the ability to tailor. Likewise, the Community Workshop team is preparing to organize a series of trainings in the entrepreneurial field.

In order to carry out the activities within the Local Community Empowerment Strategy, the initiative group won a mini-grant of 17,000 lei/MDL, offered by iRi, with a contribution of 5,000 lei/MDL from the LPA, and other funds from the local entrepreneurs and partners including kindergarten, local school and villagers. The total amount of the resources attracted by the local initiative group to implement the community project is 32,000 lei/MDL.

The program “Minority Empowerment in Moldova – MEM PLUS” is implemented in 28 rural communities from Moldova and aims to strengthen the capacities of different ethnic groups and to create opportunities for dialogue and civic interaction.

The program is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (iRi) in partnership with Great Lakes Community Action Partnership, with the financial support of the U.S. Department of State.

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