Press Release

Press Release

On March 3, 2012 the Institute for Rural Initiatives in collaboration with local partners and with the support of the Roma Education Fund completed the second development training on facilitating the process of preparing homework with the themes “Multiculturalism, evaluating, and reporting”. The event was located in the Hotel Codreanu in Cahul where 19 participants met, of which 14 were teachers, who are homework facilitators for the project “Assisting quality educational processes in one school attended by Roma children in the Republic of Moldova” that is being implemented in the village of Zirnesti in the Cahul raion.

The training was focused on developing the capabilities of teachers, focusing work on planning and evaluating supplementary (after school) sessions. For the event, discussions were conducted about efficient methods of faciliating homework, such as the structure of lessons, the format of the lessons, etc. These topics also broached the problem of multiculturalism and inclusive education.

The participants of the training mentioned the fact that although it is too early to measure the impact of the homework facilitation project, they can already speak about the initial results in a positive way that is reflected in the participation and interest of the students, the implications of the parents in the academic lives of the students, but also in the higher marks in some of the school subjects.

In the training, the guidelines for the supplementary sessions of the facilitators were discussed, as well as the recommendations for supplementary sessions for students that need to be at a higher level and also for students’ advancement. Teachers mentioned that although they lacked experience in the process at first, the new methods of work in the project that the Institute for Rural Initiatives presented made the process of facilitating homework more efficient and this reveals a direct impact on the students in this program in the school in Zirnesti.

The teachers also benefitted from an interactive group sessions based on indicators of evaluation. The teachers measured all the efficiencies of the process of homework facilitation for each activity. In this sense the teachers developed abilities for self evalation and critical thinking.

iRi continues to accept teachers’ recommendations for new ways of overcoming the problems of including children of Roma heritage in Moldovan schools and the system of homework facilitation. In this sense, the Institute for Rural Initiatives has started a great discussion with the Bureau of Ethnic Relations, the General Director of Education in Cahul, and the Moldovan Minister of Education.