Technical garage: we check, repair, change parts of public policy in the youth field. A YEP event

Technical garage: we check, repair, change parts of public policy in the youth field. A YEP event

The Institute for Rural Initiatives (iRi) organised a training on capacity building for 11 rural youth NGOs on September 28. The event enabled an exchange of ideas and best practices in development and implementation of youth policies at the local level. The idea of the Technical Garage was to bring together youth practitioners to inspire each other and self-assess in the process of working with young people at community level.

The activity was attended by 15 people representing 11 NGO partners in the Youth Empowerment Programme – YEP. NGO representatives, divided into three groups, had the opportunity during the first part of the event to share their most innovative and successful practices and stories in relation to empowering, mobilising and promoting young people at the local level, as well as the obstacles they face in this process.

“One of the successful practices in working with young people is sharing experiences with other young people from neighbour communities. By exchanging experiences young people are motivated to come forward and continue their activity.” – Mariana BRUMA, representative of Univers NGO, town of Drochia.

“We understand that diversification of activities is a good practice to take young people out of their comfort zone and find activities that suit their interests.” – Svetlana Budistean said, representative of Sansa NGO, Varnita village, Anenii Noi district.

“One of our challenges is time-management and planning of activities on time, but we are working hard on this in order to organize ourselves as efficiently as possible by drawing up a monthly plan.” – Nicolai Disli, the president of Pharos NGO, town of Ceadir-Lunga.

In the second part of the activity, the iRi team presented the plan of actions for the extension of the YEP project for the next 12 months with the indicators and responsibilities sheet. Also during the session, the “TUSOVKA-Plan” (symbolical name for informal plan of actions) – a plan for self-governance of the initiative groups in 30 rural communities of the project – was presented. The aim of this plan is to facilitate the systematic work of 30 initiative groups and to prepare young people for self-organisation after the programme is completed.

Returning to the communities, the partner NGOs, together with 30 initiative groups, are going to analyse the youth development strategy (2021-2025) and to develop together with LPA representatives and other community stakeholders a Plan of Actions for 2022. In this regard, like previous year, iRi and GLCAP will offer to each community a mini-grant of 1000 USD provided that young people succeed in raising other funds in the community (Mayor’s House, entrepreneurs, community).

The plan will include the activities necessary to develop the vision of young people mapping out the most pressing problems of young people in their communities and identifying practical ways to solve those problems following a cross-community partnership.

The activity is part of “Youth Empowerment Programme” (YEP) implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives in Moldova (iRi) in partnership with the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership (GLCAP), Ohio, USA, with financial support from the US Department of State.