Educating new forces in community journalism

Educating new forces in community journalism

Currently, about 20 young activists between the ages of 14 and 17 from Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld in Cahul county are being trained in the School for Young Journalists, which is an initiative aimed at creating democratic media voices in rural communities. The goal of the activity is to stimulate and encourage journalistic skills of socially active youth. The School for Young Journalists invited Mr. Tudor Pascal, who is editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper “Cahul Expres”, as a guest to the school.

The first workshop gave a general answer to the question, “What is journalism?”, a question on which students will spend more time on during the rest of the workshops. The instructive courses will last 3 months, including theoretical activities as well as practical application designed to reinforce the theoretical principles taught to the youth activists.

The initiative encourages community activism among the younger generation and allows them to acquire skills in order to promote the values and principles of democracy through practicing “community journalism” in an impartial way, and also creating an informal network of young “community journalists” in both locations. The youth that show serious interest in the course will be eligible for an internship at a mass media institution in Cahul.

In addition, the initiative aims to make out monthly editions of a local paper, prepared by graduates of the School of Journalism.

In the long term, the project aims to stimulate/motivate the children to continue their students in this domain. This project will also organize a meeting between young activists and well-known journalists that will invite them to share their professional challenges and trade secrets that helped them succeed. This meeting will also be open to young activists from schools in the county of Cahul.

The final instructive workshop is a planned summer exchange, “Friendly journalism, say how it is” between graduates of the School of Young Journalists from Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld in Cahul. The youth represent mixed ethnic and regional groups that will act as a team of promoters of democracy in local media.

This project was implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Norwegian Embassy for the Republic of Moldova.

Once this meeting has occurred, the project will not stop. The Institute will offer support and logistical assistance to local authorities and schools from the two locations to help with similar projects in the future.