“Young Journalists” are ready to express the voice of the community

“Young Journalists” are ready to express the voice of the community

After a few months of intense study, the “young journalists” community consisting of youth between the ages of 14 and 17 from the villages of Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld in Cahul county met in Cahul in order to meet each other and to finish up the Young Journalist program with a visit to the mass media agency in Cahul.

The day started in Grigore Vieru park in Cahul, and here the participants did activities that evaluated their knowledge gained over the period of intense study of journalism materials and newspaper layouts. The day continued with a visit to the weekly newspaper “Cahul Expres”.

Here, new “graduates” benefited from a full tour of the editorial and typographical areas of the publication, showing the layout process of the newspaper and the difficult technical process of printing. On the tour, the participants were given practical advice of weekly editorials by Mr. Tudor Pascal and Mr. Serghei Jernovoi.

The activity was organized with the goal of stimulating and encouraging the journalistic abilities of socially active youth. At the same time, the perspective areas represented the active ethnic community, the courses being taught not only with Russian speakers in Alexanderfeld but also with Romanian speakers in Zirnesti.

The final product of this project was the achievement of monthly local publications, with the goal of continuing the instruction of the next generation of young journalists. Therefore, the young journalists from Zirnesti created the first edition of their school newspaper “The Student Voice” (3.62 MB) while those from Alexanderfeld launched their four page publication entitled “Nash Vzglyad”(“Our Viewpoint” from Russian) (3.77 MB).

This project was implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Norwegian Embassy for the Republic of Moldova based in Bucharest, Romania.