The IRI Mobile Clinique team visits six Roma communities in Moldova

The IRI Mobile Clinique team visits six Roma communities in Moldova

From the 19th through the 21st of April, 2013 the Institute for Rural Initiatives organized a series of field visits in six areas of compact or mixed settlement of Roma population of the Republic of Moldova: vilage of Carpineni, Hincesti rayon, town of Hincesti, villages of Chetrosu and Gribova, Drochia rayon, village of Parcani, Calarasi rayon, and the town of Comrat (Gagauzia).

The purpose of this campaign was to offer support and expert advice to local activists and initiative groups on such fields as human rights, community mobilization, aspects related to social inclusion and participation in public life of the communities. The novelty element of this campaign was that the meetings were organized in the Roma communities (Romani mahala), and the sessions were open-air. This helped to create a better, more friendly and trustworthy atmosphere.

The Mobile Clinique expert team formed of experienced advisors in the above-mentioned fields held discussions with Roma villagers and gave them answers and recommendations to their problems connected to the stagnation and ignorance of law and civil rights and responsibilities. The most frequent problems raised during these visits were the lack of any constructive dialogue with local pubic administrations and reduced or inhibited access to social services as a result of distrust and ignorance of basic procedures. The Institute for Rural Initiatives also announced about its “We act because we care” campaign and invited the local activists to come with ideas of small projects as a part of this campaign.

The Roma of the six areas attended by the Mobile Clinique team found the visit extremely useful and necessary not only due to provided legal advice and logistical support, but also because it restored their self-confidence. A number of positive results were reported immediately after the visit was finished, as local activists came with proposals of activities on local level.

The Mobile Clinique activity is a part of the project “Growing Roma inclusion in Moldova: building capacity and facilitating Roma equal participation” implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in the Republic of Moldova.