The last day of school brings joy to children from rural areas

The last day of school brings joy to children from rural areas

For the third consecutive year, the Institute for Rural Initiatives presided over the end of the school year activities and rewarded the best students in school in different rural areas. The four locations presented with these awards were: the village of Minjir in Hincesti district, the village of Gribova in Drochia district, and once again the villages of Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld from Cahul district.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives together with their partners and with the support of the Global Fund for Children presented seven winners with the title “The best student in school” and “The most active student in school” for the 2012-2013 school year. First launched in 2011, this reward program was created to motivate vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils from rural communities with the goal of raising performance levels, academic competition and community activism.

The six winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas, presents and small amounts of money for academic success and extra-curricular participation, these being the conditions for obtaining the scholarships.

The Institute for Rural Initiatives will be supported in this program for another five years for these communities and will work to expand this program in other locations in the Republic of Moldova.