Week of Friendship

Week of Friendship

For the period of September 21 to October 1, 2013 in six localities of the Republic of Moldova there were organized activities as a part of the Week of Friendship. During that week a number of initiative groups from the six communities (villages of Gribova and Chetrosu, Drochia rayon; Parcani village, Calarasi rayon; Ferapontievca village, Comrat rayon; Carpineni village, Hincesti rayon; town of Hincesti) had a possibility to share experiences and effects of the campaign I act because I care”.

It should be recalled that the focus of the campaign was on fighting negative stereotypes on Moldovan citizens of Roma origin by taking further the level of participation of Roma people in community life.

Thus, during the Week of Friendship children of Roma origin as well as those non-Roma children from the six communities were sharing their ideas about friendship, non-discrimination, democracy and tolerance through art work.

The goal of the Week was to grant possibility to the initiative groups from the above-mentioned localities to give a good example to the society through a set of social activities and to suggest a new approach for inclusion through participation in community social processes.

This activity was implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the U.S. Embassy in the Republic of Moldova as a part of the “Growing Roma inclusion in Moldova: building capacity and facilitating Roma equal participation” project.