Celebrating the “first harvest” within the Young Entrepreneur project

Celebrating the “first harvest” within the Young Entrepreneur project

In April-May, 2016 the Institute for Rural Initiatives organized several exhibition-fairs within the Young Entrepreneur project. During the events 64 young people had the opportunity to present and explore their entrepreneurial ideas. The exhibition-fairs were held in 4 communities from Moldova (Mingir, Hincesti; Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld, Cahul; Gribova, Drochia) and were organized in partnership with local schools.

Around 500 people visited the “the stands” of the small entrepreneurs and bought most of the products offered for sale. Thus, 64 children demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills in the fields like knitting, crochet, culinary, painting, wood carving etc., making their first steps in the business world and garnering their first profit.

We would like to remind that children benefited from a cash loan of 200 lei/MDL. They have used this money as a start capital for their own “business”. From the profit they make they will be returning the money back later, exactly like in a real investment process.

Through such activities iRi aims to encourage entrepreneurial spirit among high school students from Moldova and also to draw attention of the authorities to the need to include in the school curricula the disciplines that will help cultivate, in an interactive way, personal initiative and business skills from a young age.

“Students have decided themselves how to spend the 200 lei they have received. Within the fairs they are going to try and sell what they handcrafted and see if they can make a profit of it. It is the first ambition that can be achieved in this friendly atmosphere,” stated Tatiana Costev, Executive Director iRi.

“I am passionate for art since childhood and I decided why not try to make a profit from it, so on the 200 lei we have borrowed I bought just frames and created these wonderful paintings,” shared enthusiastically Nicoleta Eriomenco, young entrepreneur from Zirnesti, Cahul, who made a profit of 700 lei.

The administration of the four schools, teachers, parents and local entrepreneurs involved in the program, have greatly appreciated this project, asking the Institute to continue the initiative.

The activity was organized within the Young Entrepreneur project with the support of Angello Development Foundation and Significado Foundation.

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