Exhibition-fairs organized by students with entrepreneurship spirit. 2nd edition

Exhibition-fairs organized by students with entrepreneurship spirit. 2nd edition

Decorative items, pottery, crochet articles, paintings, pastry, accessories – handmade by over 60 young entrepreneurs coming from Alexanderfeld and Zirnesti villages Cahul rayon, Mingir, Hincesti and Gribova, Drochia were available for sale at the exhibition-fairs.

During May 22 through June 1, 2017 there were held several exhibition-fairs. They attracted many visitors interested in handmade products made by young “craftsman”. The cost of the products varied between 5 and 350 lei. The diversity of the assortment has delighted the audience.

“As a parent, I am very proud of my child trying to earn his first money and I believe that the knowledge and skills he gained by attending the Young Entrepreneur School will be the ground for his future that he will work upon, step by step”, said Ms. Ina Popescu, a parent from Gribova, Drochia.

“I attend such a fair for the first time and I am deeply impressed by the craft of the young people. I have already bought two stools for my grandchildren”, mentioned Mrs. Elena Anghis from Alexanderfeld, Cahul.

Fairs were organized by the students with the support of iRi’s local facilitators as a result of a training course taught during 2016-2017 academic year.

The iRi team admires the children’s will and determination and enjoys the outcomes of the Young Entrepreneur School initiative. iRi also encourages other institutions from the country to organize similar activities in order to develop entrepreneurial skills from an early age.

The project is implemented with the support of Global Fund for Children, Washington, D.C. and LED Moldova Foundation.