Community mentors – a key element in formation and consolidation of local initiative groups

Community mentors – a key element in formation and consolidation of local initiative groups

On December 1 through 13, 2018, the Institute for Rural Initiatives organized two capacity building activities for iRi team of community mentors. During the next two years (2019-2020) iRi mentors will facilitate various participatory processes in 30 partner communities of the MEM PLUS project. Besides traditional topics of community development, mentors learned about effective communication, building local partnerships, conflict resolution, as well as were trained to master various monitoring techniques.

The project will mobilize citizens from different ethnic, linguistic and cultural environments in 30 communities from all over the country. At least 30 initiative groups promoting iRi concept of inclusiveness and participatory democracy will continuously motivate them to bring the positive change in their communities. The 30 initiative groups involved in the implementation of the project (19 old and 11 new ones) will have a close collaboration with representatives of 30 LPA, with around 40 local business, 30 schools and 20 local NGOs.

The project will provide opportunities for exchange of experience and public dissemination of best practices at regional and national level. In order to achieve best results and have a productive activity iRi community mentors’ team will be continuously trained by trainers from the U.S. and Europe.

The MEM PLUS project is a common initiative of the Institute for Rural Initiatives and the Great Lakes Community Action Partnership – a U.S. organization with 50 years’ experience in community development. The project is funded by the U.S. State Department, Washington, D.C.

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