We act because we care!

We act because we care!

On October 3, 2014 the Institute for Rural Initiatives launched the campaign “We act because we care” implemented within the frame of strengthening participation among rural minority communities initiative. The campaign was performed simultaneously in 5 communities from the South of Moldova (Carpineni village, Hincesti rayon; Ferapontievca, TAU Gagauzia; Huluboaia, Alexanderfeld and Ursoaia villages from Cahul rayon).

The campaign aimed to mobilize entire community and local public authorities perform an useful activity within the community and at the same time to motivate them for participation in public life, promote ways of better access to local services and available opportunities, as well as empower community members with a better understanding and exercising of their rights.

Therefore, within the frame of this campaign local the initiative group from Carpineni, Hincesti have installed benches for supporters on the football field, active citizens from Ferapontievca, TAU Gagauzia cleaned up and have aesthetically landscaped the park in the center of the village. Members of the initiative group from Ursoaia, Cahul have installed six portable swings, which can be used all year round (during winter in the gym and during warm weather outside in the courtyard) and in Huluboaia and Alexanderfeld, Cahul have been installed benches and extremely necessary outdoor trash cans in the school yards.

Reviews from citizens and local authorities vis-a-vis this initiative were very positive:

“It is the first time, such kind of activities are organized in our village. I am very glad we finally have benches and trash cans in the school yard, of course I got involved and helped with their installation,” proudly stated Mitrofan Semion, pupil in the IXth form from Gymnasium Iaroslav Gasec, village of Huluboaia, Cahul region.

“It is a good example for the whole community, not just because something good is being done for the community, but also because this is a model of partnership between villagers and policymakers. Each of us has a special value in village life. We will not just stop here, we intend to further follow the same formula. We would like to say thank you to iRi for having chosen our community,” said Mr. Dmitry Berov, mayor of Alexanderfeld village, Cahul region.

In the implementation of the campaign were involved 150 people, 4 mayors, 95 villagers and 50 young people with initiative.

“We act because we care!” campaign represents an activity implemented within the frame of the project “Minority Act: growing capacity for interethnic dialogue and cooperation” implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners, with the support of U.S. Embassy in Moldova.