Minority Act: growing capacity for interethnic dialogue and cooperation

Minority Act: growing capacity for interethnic dialogue and cooperation

Beginning with May, 2014 to February, 2015, the Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in the Republic of Moldova will be implementing a new one-year initiative that aims to facilitate the process of interetnic democratic dialogue and cooperation, especially between majority and national minority polulation in South of Moldova.

Within the frame of this initiative the Institute intends to work with about 150 minority representatives from 5 locations of South Moldova including non-minority groups and local public authorities that will favor the proces interethnic dialog and cooperation.

The project will be focusing on consolidating interethnic respect, friendly dialog and community activism by involving a simple citizen in solving common problems of the local community he belongs to. Initiative will also aim to bring closer people from different ethnic backgrounds, increase their level of interaction and threfore mutual trust of community members.

The project will include activities such as: Awareness campaign “We act because we care!”, public lectures on cooperation and interethnic dialogue at universities from Cahul, Comrat and Taraclia, also local interactive workshops, thematic discussions with stakeholders and local decision making bodies etc.

The “Minority Act: growing capacity for interethnic dialogue and cooperation” project will encourage long-term partnership with Bureau of Interethnic Relations, State Chancellery, local public authorities and local NGOs.

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