The Social Inclusion program – Young Entrepreneur

The Social Inclusion program – Young Entrepreneur

The Institute for Rural Initiatives with the support of the Global fund for Children Washington, D.C continues to implement the Social Inclusion program for vulnerable groups coming from marginalized rural communities in Moldova. The pilot project Young Entrepreneur will continue to be implemented within this program.

The initiative that has been launched last year – Young Entrepreneur – aims to provide a continuity of organization’s efforts to prepare young people from gymnasium to better understand the basic principles of entrepreneurship and to teach them efficient time and money management.

This year the project will be carried out in cooperation with local partners and administration of the schools in the following locations. South region – Alexanderfeld and Zirnești villages, Cahul rayon; central region – Mingir village, Hincesti rayon; north region – Gribova village, Drochia rayon.

The training course will be an interactive afterschool two module program (theory and practice). During the second school semester 60 kids, beneficiaries of the project (age 12-16), will be given as a loan 250 lei (15 US dollars), so that they can use it to make profit. This year, as well, the Institute for Rural Initiatives will organize a fair giving the chance to children to sell their work and have profit.

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