Governing Together

Governing Together

The project’s objective is to improve the act of good governance in Drochia district by strengthening the civil society in three rural communities from the Republic of Moldova. The project is an answer to the problem of the local CSOs’ modest capacities to ensure the principles of good democratic governance on the very local level.

To achieve the project’s goal there will be organized a series of training activities for three grassroots civil society organizations involved in the project. The three local organizations will learn how to efficiently communicate with the local public authorities, how to map and use the available local resources, how to ensure implementation of Law No. 239 of November 13, 2008 on transparency in the decision making process, as well as to promote the principles of good governance and European values.

The project will help the three NGOs create and coordinate local discussion platforms to facilitate the dialogue with the local stakeholders involved in ensuring the process of good governance in which citizen’s voice is taken into consideration in the decision making processes at local level.

On the other hand, the project aims to strengthen the existing thematic alliances of the civil society organizations at regional level by creating a regional coalition to facilitate the dialogue with the LPAs of level I and II.

As a result, the project aims to increase the participation level of the local CSOs in developing strategic and sustainable communities, in the medium and long term, and approach the LPAs to the existing CSOs in the region around the common goal of improving the quality of the good governance process at local level in the interest of citizens.

The project “Governing Together” is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (iRi) and local partners within the Grant Program “Grassroots Civil Society Development Facility in the Republic of Moldova”, funded by the European Union and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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