Media impact: growing a voice in rural communities of Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld

Media impact: growing a voice in rural communities of Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld

The purposes of this project are as follows:

  1. Train and support and mobilize local young activists to become aware of the cultural sensitivities/risks regarding the National Minority Issue in Moldova while developing friendly attitudes and abilities to counter speculations and manipulations on ethnic issues through journalism (reports, essays, TV interviews etc).
  2. Liaise the two created groups in Zirnesti and Alexaderfeld with the existing media agencies in the region (Cahul Expres Weekly Newspaper, Curier SUD, TRUC TV as well as with existing electronic networks such as Contact Cahul and Pro-Europa and their promoters).
  3. Send a clear message to the large society on the need of growing a voice thru journalism in rural communities as being one of the good solutions against stereotipization and discrimination and manipulation based on ethnic reasons.

The accumulated knowledge as well as the experience of mobilizing beneficiaries in the two rural communities will serve as a useful tool for going further while motivating local youth to master “Community Journalism” skills by cooperating with the existing media agencies and /or continue their studies in the relevant profile institutions.

The project proposes a certain set of activities. Training school for young journalists “Community Journalism” is a 3 month interactive course (after class sessions) meant to build capacities of about 20 young activists/volunteers from two communities (Zirnesti and Alexanderfel communities) so that they have a better understanding about community activism while promoting democratic values and principles through objective “Community Journalism”.

As well as project beneficiaries will visit a number of local media agencies in the region, will be creating two mobilization groups “Community Reporters” plus creating a local youth bulleting to be managed by the initiative group itself, will meet a famous journalist, will go to an exchange visit etc.

We believe that with this project the two locations will be in a better position to make their voice heard while promoting democracy and their rights in a more quality way. Also on the other hand large public opinion will be better disposed/at least challenged to think about the perspective of changing the society to the better through “Community Journalism”.

The existing Democracy club in Zirnesti (created in the previous IRI initiatives supported by Norway embassy) will constitute a reinforcing element for the group in Zirnesti and a resource platform for the new group in Alexanderfeld. The Journalism School will create all the conditions for creating a twin Democracy club in Alexanderfeld community as well, which will constitute a direct sustainability factor in the project. The informal network and the partnerships between the school administrations of Zirnesti and Alexanderfeld will contribute to the fortification and recognition of the two democracy clubs in the region.

The project is implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives and its local partners with the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Moldova in Bucharest.

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